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Omron - 3G3RX

Omron - 3G3RX

Advanced General-purpose Inverters Human-/Environmental-friendly, High-performance, General-purpose Inverters, Enabling Output Control Suitable for Various Applications.

Key Point : With the vector control and auto-tuning functions, the RX Series has achieved high starting torque in excess of 200% at 0.3 Hz
• The RX Series provides sensorless vector control, which is useful for up/down applications
Automatic energy-saving operation function. Automatically adjusts so that the Inverter output voltage during operation becomes minimum at a constant speed
• Checks the direction of rotation and frequency, enabling smooth restart of the motor for a free-running motor   (e.g. fan motor)
• During a power failure or momentary power interruption, the RX Series can decelerate and stop a motor by   using the motor braking energy
• More simplified parameter settings and views, only parameters that have been changed from the default   settings can be viewed. With the user setting function, only 12 parameters for frequent use can be viewed.
• The RX Series incorporates a zero-phase reactor (radio noise filter) as a standard specification
  ModBus-RTU communication allows you to perform network operation at low cost
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