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Delts - DVP-10PM Series

DVP-10PM Series

Features :
This series highlights high-speed command execution speed (basic command LD for 0.1375µs, application command MOV for 2.1µs and 1MHz differential output*4) to achieve precise motion control.

Specifications :

• MPU points: 24
• Max. I/O points: 256
• Program capacity: 64k steps
• Built-in hardware digital filter for counting
• 6 high-speed counters (O.C. 200kHz*4, differential 200kHz*2), supporting U/D, U/D   Dir, A/B, 4A/B counting modes
• 4 differential 1MHz outputs, supporting U/D, U/D Dir, A/B output modes
• Supports 1-speed (immediate stop after the mark arrives), 2-speed, zero return,   MPG and single axis function
• Highly accurate PWM 200kHz output, resolution 0.3%
• Electronic gear function
• 8 high-speed captures (mark correction, frequency measurement), comparative   output, mark/mask function (for bag making)
• 8 external interruptions for setting up rising- and falling-edge triggers, 1 timed   interruption
• Highly efficient command execution. LD: 0.1375µs, MOV: 2.1µs

Applications :
Used for 2-axis servo positioning control, material cutting machine (high-speed servo control), crane operations, material clipper controlled by the servo.

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