Delts - TP04G-AS1/TP04G-AS2 Series

Delts - TP04G-AS1/TP04G-AS2 Series

TP04G-AS1/TP04G-AS2 Series

Features :

The screen of this series can display four lines text or message at the same time. It not only has the features of light weight, cost-effective price, good flexibility in use, and easy-to-control operation, but also supports various communication protocols.

Specifications :

  • 3" STN LCD single color
  • 128*64 pixels
  • 12 multiple function keys
  • 256K Flash Memory
  • Back-light auto turn off setting
  • Provide "program copy card" function: Save download time.
  • Back-light life about 50 thousand hours
  • 2 Comm. Ports. It can communicate with different communication protocols simultaneously.
  • Built-in various screen objects include graphs, charts, buttons, text and users own bmp files
  • CE & UL approved

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