Modicon M258

Modicon M258

Modicon M258

Modicon M258 : Logic Controller

42 to 2400 I/O, 0.022 µs per Instruction

30% saving time in assembly, wiring and commissioning

Features :

Performance, openess and flexibility

Thanks to a performant CPU (22ns/inst), embedded communication ports as Ethernet & CANopen master and advanced built-in features as data logging, WebServer and FTP server.

Speed up machine design

  • Eco Struxure Machine Expert software.
  • Maximise operation and reduce maintenance.
  • Diagnosis through transparency and remote access.

Reduce size ,cost & assembly time

  • With basic configurations close to machines needs.

Improve your machine performance

  • Independent axis up to16 axes.
  • Typical digital I/O needs: up to 2400 I/Os.
  • Typical analog IO needs: analogue I/O: 12 ou16 Bits resolution.
  • Advanced features: HSC / Reflex output / Event Tasks Peripheral devices :
  • Drives, servos: Up to 16 (avg. 8)
  • HMI: Graphic
  • Upper level connection: embedded ethernet

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