MINAS A6SF Servo Driver (Multifunction Type)  

  • Ultrafast response frequency: 3.2kHz bandwidth
  • Pulse outputs 4Mpps and inputs with up to 8Mpps (Mpps = million pulses/second)
  • Improved real-time auto-tuning function during operation (transient recovery time 6ms)
  • 5 notch filters: manual/automatic
  • 3 damping filters: manual/automatic
  • PANATERM software upgrade with setup mode
  • Integrated safety function STO (EN61800-5-2)
  • Low electromagnetic interference
  • Modbus RTU communication
  • Control of linear and torque motors
  • Block operation with digital I/Os (like MINAS A4P)

MINAS A6SE Servo Driver (Basic Type)

  • Multifunction type (like MINAS A6SF)
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Exclusively for position control

MINAS A6B Servo Driver (EtherCAT Network Type)

  • Real-time communication: 100Mbit/s via CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (COE)
  • Supports position (pp, csp, hm), velocity (pv, csv) and torque control (tq, cst)
  • Manual and automatic damping filters
  • Complete set of commands for up to 65535 axes per network
  • Supported cycle time of 125μs
  • Easy wiring using standard Ethernet cables (CAT5e, up to 100m between units)
  • Conforms to the following safety standards: ISO13849-1(PL e, CAT3), EN61508(SIL3), EN62061(SILCL3), EN61800-5-2(SIL3, STO), IEC61326-3-1, IEC60240-1

MINAS A6 Servo Motors

  • High-precision encoder, 23 bits/revolution; 8.38 million ppr
  • Max. rotational speed: 6500rpm
  • Low cogging torque
  • Even more compact design with new housing (split core structure, encoder even more narrow) 
  • IP67 degree of protection for all motors with connector
  • 50W to 5000W
  • Common encoder (usable as an absolute and an incremental encoder)
  • Triple-lip oil seal

MINAS A6V servo drives (24/48V DC)  

  • Servo drivers and servo motors
  • 24/48V DC input voltage
  • 23-bit absolute encoder
  • Modbus RTU communication
  • Position, velocity, and torque control
  • Pulse train with up to 500kpps (kpps = thousand pulses/second)
  • Rated speed 3000rpm



MINAS LIQI series servo drives are ideal for applications that require an affordable technological upgrade to improve reliability and performance. Machines for simple food processing, packaging, printing, metal processing, even small linear robots are but a few example applications for which MINAS LIQI drives are cut out. In combination with Panasonic FP series PLCs, e.g. FP0R and FP-X0, they can be used to realize simple motion solutions. Use our banner freeware PANATERM to configure MINAS LIQI.


Pulse train input

MINAS LIQI supports pulse train commands of up to 500kpps, adequate for simple positioning control. With 2500 pulses/revolution, the incremental encoder enables a resolution of 10000 pulses/revolution.

1kHz response frequency

A bandwidth of 1kHz guarantees quick response times, resulting in very low vibration.

Setup with PANATERM software via USB

MINAS LIQI servo drives can be set up with the freeware PANATERM via USB. Set all driver parameters and monitor important data such as position, speed and torque.


Real-time auto-gain tuning
MINAS LIQI features real-time auto-gain tuning just like MINAS A5 servo drives. By setting only the stiffness parameter, gain parameters are calculated automatically and in real time at each load inertia change. Thanks to the vibration suppression function, the drive’s performance is improved, helping protect equipment from damage.

Rotary switch (RSW)
Using the rotary switch (RSW) on the servo drive’s front panel, you can set the “stiffness” on site, directly manipulating the servo drive’s gain.

Damping filters, notch filters
MINAS LIQI drivers are equipped with damping and notch filters just like MINAS A5 servo drives.
MINAS LIQI supports up to 4 notch filters (range: 50Hz-5000Hz).

Damping filters reduce oscillations while starting and stopping. A frequency range of 1Hz to 200Hz is supported.  


With MINAS LIQI drives, simple positioning applications can be realized quickly, without sacrificing accuracy or speed. The advanced real-time auto-gain tuning function allows MINAS LIQI drives to be particularly efficient in combination with Panasonic FP series PLCs. Especially the compact FP0R and FP-X0 series, which are equipped with high-speed counters and advanced motion functions, fit perfectly.

Typical applications include small assembly and packaging machines, robots, positioners, automatic loaders, extruders, metering and other applications requiring precision, speed — and a user-friendly, inexpensive servo drive.

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