FR-D700 - Series Variable Frequency Drives

FR-D700 is Mitsubishi Electric’s class-leading range of micro drives. Suitable for a wide variety of general purpose motor speed control applications, the FR-D700 was built from the ground up using custom components and has earned an enviable reputation for durability and dependability in adverse environments. .

Key Benefits

  • Highly compact design - Reduced installation footprint.
  • Safety drive capability - Eliminates the need for an extra contactor for operator safety.
  • Built-in MODBUS® RTU communications - Seamless integration into control systems.
  • 60:1 speed range - Fast acceleration of high inertia loads.
  • Bookshelf mounting capability - Increased installation density allows smaller panel sizes.
  • Built-in dynamic braking circuit - Allows for simple installation of brake resistors for heavy deceleration.
  • 150% overload capability - For dependable trip-free operation.

Safety Drive

A special redundant circuit in FR-D700 allows the elimination of a dedicated emergency stop contactor, reducing installation cost and installation space.

FR-D700 General Specifications

Notes :

  • The braking torque indicated is a short-duration average torque (which varies with motor loss) when the motor alone is decelerated from 60Hz in the shortest time and is not a continuous regenerative torque. When the motor is decelerated from the frequency higher than the base frequency, the average deceleration torque will reduce. Since the inverter does not contain a brake resistor, use the optional brake resistor when regenerative energy is large. A brake unit (FR-BU2) may also be used.
  • Temperatures applicable for a short time, e.g. in transit.
  • As the FR-D720-042 or less, FR-D740-022 or less, FR-D720S-042 or less, FR-D710W-042 or less are not provided with the cooling fan, this alarm does not function.
  • When using the inverters at the surrounding air temperature of 40°C (104°F) or less, the inverters can be installed closely attached (0cm clearance).
  • This protective function does not function in the initial status.
  • This protective function is available with the three-phase power input specification model only.

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