EMOTRON CDU / CDX - Motor Mounted AC Drives


Add value to your machine with speed control

Integrating speed control will add value to your machine and enable you to increase your turnover. You can supply a plug-and-play solution with built-in intelligence, offering your customers simplified installation, energy savings and improved process reliability.

Ready-to-run, tailored to your requirements

The Emotron CDU/CDX is a robust AC drive for motor mounting. You can have it tailored to your requirements, with your choice of functionality, preset motor parameters, operator interface, logo and colours. Emotron CDU is developed for controlling flow/pressure in, for example pump systems. Emotron CDX is optimized for dynamic applications such as cranes, crushers, mills saws and extruders.

Saving space and installation costs

The motor-mounted drive requires a minimum of space and cabling. Your customers will have your system up and running in no time, without the need for specialised skills. Of course it’s just as easy to dismount and service.

Made for the toughest conditions

The Emotron CDU/CDX is well suited to harsh environments. The AC drive is IP55 certified, shock and vibration proof and can be fitted with a built-in EMC-filter category C1. It has a built-in PTC thermistor and its own cooling system, thermally independent from the motor’s cooling system.

Protection from damage and downtime

A patented monitoring function immediately detects any deviation from normal load, across the entire speed range. This allows for preventive action, if the pump is at risk of running dry, a pipe is blocked or the crusher is jammed.

Range Power Supply Applications
3 - 22 kW 380-480 VAC / 480-525 VAC Pump, Crushers, Mills, Saws, Extruders

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