NB Series

NB Series

The feature-rich, cost-effective HMI.

The combination of high quality and rich features add up to give outstanding value for an HMI in the economy class. The NB-Designer software to create your HMI application is free of charge and can be downloaded from our website.

  • More than 65,000 display colors TFT touch screen
  • Available in sizes ranging from 3.5 to 10 inches
  • Long-life LED backlight
  • Serial, USB or Ethernet communication
  • USB memory stick support (TW01 model only)
  • 128 MB internal memory
  • Vector and bitmap graphics

Best-In-Class Display

As the display is one of the most important components for an HMI we only settle with the best LCDs for our products and so also for the NB HMI. The complete family therefor is equipped with LED backlighted TFT LCDs that have a good viewing angle and brightness. Together with a large memory your HMI application can contain many images to create a very good looking application.

  • LED backlighted TFT LCD
  • Wide viewing angle
  • More than 65,000 display colours
  • 128 MB of internal memory

Smart Design

When developing the NB series, we considered every aspect of the design to give you maximum flexibility. Where possible we use new technology and proven standards. Some examples are the portrait or landscape display mode and PictBridge printer connection.

  • Portrait or landscape display mode
  • Connection to Omron and non-Omron devices, e.g. PLCs/inverters
  • Serial, USB or Ethernet connectivity
  • PictBridge printer connection

Easy to use

The NB series has many useful features that will make it easy to create and maintain your projects, such as the USB memory stick support or On/off-line simulation of the HMI program.

  • USB memory stick support
  • Animations and easy-to-use functions
  • Multi-language support and tool
  • On/off -line simulation


The free of charge NB-Designer software gives you all the features and functionality to easily create intuitive operator screens really quickly. Below a list of the most interesting features to create an HMI application :

  • Alarm/Event displays
  • Bit state switches/lamps
  • Multiple state switches/lamps
  • List and dropdown list
  • Animation and moving components
  • Recipe data display/controls
  • Number and Text input/displays
  • Trend curve and plotting charts
  • Chart and bar graphs
  • Meter, scales and sliders
  • Grid and historical data displays
  • Function keys
  • Timer function
  • Vector and bitmap graphics
  • Data copy function
  • Text library
  • Macro functions
  • Multiple security options

The Perfect Partner for CP1

With its large range of screen sizes, ample specifications, rich functionality and proven Omron high quality, the new NB series has everything you need in a compact HMI to accompany Omron’s popular CP1 Compact Machine Controller range. The CP1 offers increasing degrees of sophistication to perfectly match your specific automation requirement and connection to the NB series is possible via Serial or Ethernet. Many features of the NB HMI can directly interface with the CP1 PLC memory, like recipe, alarms and switching windows. Also we have created some special screens for CP1 to read PLC statuses, configured settings and error information.

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