Modicon M580

Modicon M580

Modicon M580

Modicon M580 : Measurable Benefits for Industry

Modicon M580 Reduce

Reduce : Reduce time to profit - e.g. save up to 3 weeks on a 3 month project resulting in $2 million of extra production at launch.

Modicon M580 Improve

Improve : Improve Reliability and Sustainability - Saving up to $1.8 million annually in energy consumption for an average large facility using M580 + PES + pluggable libraries.

Modicon M580 Manage

Manage : Manage operating Risks and save an average of >US$1.25 million annually in related costs with certified inherent cybersecurity built in to the controller.

Modicon M580 Efficiency

Efficiency : Improve process efficiency through 5X faster scan time, and gain up to US$2 million annually for a typical high volume manufacturing plant due to embedded latest processing technologies.

Modicon M580 Increase

Increase : Increase Revenue (Reduce TCO) and Margins with transparent open native networks. Lack of raw data visibility represents over US$1.3M in annual bottom-line impact for a typical plant.

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